Are you ready to visit the most magical place on earth?! Well, there's no more time to waste!! Let'e get going!

Ashley here! And I'm a travel consultant, through My Mickey Vacation Travel, that specializes in Disney destinations. I actually go by the title, "Dream Designer", which sounds a lot more magical, in my opinion! I am here to help you plan the most whimsical Disney trip ever! Whether it be your first Disney trip or your 100th Disney trip. Booking with me, as your Dream Designer, will always bring you extra pixie dust!!


What are the perks of booking with me for your next Disney trip??

First off, ALL of my services are complimentary!! NEVER will you have any hidden charges or extra fees when booking with me. 

-Take advantage of the layaway plan! You can begin the process of booking a Disney vacation with me for a small deposit of $200. Then you can make periodic payments toward your vacation package. The entire balance must be paid at least 30 days in advance. But let's take a look at some major advantages to the layaway program...

  • Never a fee - make as many payments as you wish, and there's never a fee for your layaway! Make a $25 payment or a $200 payment! This plan is meant for your budget and convenience!

  • Never any interest - your layaway plan is interest fee, and no application is required.

  • Fully refundable - should you need to cancel your vacation 30 days before arrival, your entire savings amount will be returned to you in full… no questions asked. Including your $200 deposit.

-Confide in me to do all your price watching! You'll always get the lowest price available because I'm constantly looking for price discounts and promotions. Did you know that even after you book your reservation, you can still get a lower price on your package?! If an applicable discount becomes available for you, I will apply that to your reservation right away!

-I'll make your dining reservations for you! Especially when it comes to Walt Disney World, the dining world can be intense!! I'll recommend and secure the perfect dining reservations for you. If you are booking inside the 180 day reservation window (Walt Disney World), I'll constantly search through cancellations looking for the time you want. But if you still want to make your own dining reservations, that's totally fine too!

-Park strategies!! This is my favorite part! I'll help you tackle the Disney parks with ease!! You'll feel like a Disney pro when you're all done! With my park strategies, you'll have a basic plan on which attractions to visit first, which do and don't need a pre-reserved Fast Pass, and all the park information you'll need right at your fingertips. I'll even make your Fast Pass selections for you. Or if you prefer, you can still make your own Fast Pass selections. To put it simply, I'm here to help in any way I can!

-I'm your pixie dusted fairy!! When you book with me, you get all my personal service! When you call my number, you will get ME on the phone... not a random person. You can text me and email me too! Whatever mode of communication is best for your schedule! I am always checking my email, so I will get back to you as soon as possible! I am your personal go-to person for all your Disney questions. I'll be with you from the time you book until you leave the parks to come home. You can even get a hold of my while you're at the parks!

-I'm here for your peace of mind. Doing a Disney vacation is no easy task. What if something goes wrong? I'll be there for you. Yes, even Disney can make an occasional mistake, and I'll be your advocate so that you can continue on with your vacation. I am genuinly here for you to make this the best trip ever!

-All that extra stuff that you don't want to worry about! Prior to your departure, you'll get touring plans, tip sheets, itineraries, Magic Bands, and more goodies from me to make your vacation more magical and memorable. You'll never have to wait on hold with Disney again!! That's my job! And yes... I will wait on hold for 2 hours if I have to!

Now, I know what you're thinking. "I've already been to Disney a lot. I don't need someone planning my trip for me." But let me tell you about something... I book trips for SO MANY annual passholders! Or people that go to Disney on the regular!! Why do they book with me still? It's fun!! It's so much fun to talk Disney with someone! One of the best aspects about a Disney trip is all the magical planning! And don't forget all the perks I've mentioned up above! And it doesn't cost you any extra money... so, why not?! Below are some testimonials of clients that have worked with me!

My husband and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart for creating such a magical honeymoon experience. You made booking and planning this trip so easy. From your suggestions of restaurants (which were all amazing btw) to fast passes and the research you did on pricing for meal plans and different resorts to stay at made it phenomenal. While booking this honeymoon my husband was a skeptic about celebrating at Disney but this trip exceeded all of his expectations as well as mine. He saw the Disney Magic and got to experience it first hand through this trip. He’s already ready to plan another one and we’ll definitely be coming back to you to help us book it. I will be referring your services to everyone that wants to book a Disney trip and doesn’t know where to start or a veteran that doesn’t want to deal with that.

Disney 2021 here we come!
— Marissa
How could you have a more exciting and magical experience planning a trip to Disney you ask? You work with Ashely! Ashley helped me book and reserve some fun dining as Disney for my husbands 30th birthday. Her e-mails brought extra joy to the planning process. I had never worked with someone to help book a trip before and I found it so nice to have someone else do the actual booking of things (hotel, reservations and so on) with such a great attitude. It allowed me to focus more on the creative side of the trip as opposed to the tediousness of booking each aspect. Ashley also sent a thoughtful welcome package that got us even MORE excited for our upcoming trip! Once arriving at our hotel everything went so smoothly and we were so so so grateful to have worked with Ashley. Working with Ashley also allowed me to connect with another human which I may not have ever had the chance to do without this opportunity. Thank you Ashley! You will be our first call to help book our next Disney trip, you made everything fun and easy.
— Jacquelyn

And before I forget to mention... I help with ALL Disney detinations around the world!

  • Walt Disney World

  • Disneyland Resort in Anaheim

  • Aulani | Disney Hawaii Resort

  • Adventures By Disney excursions

  • Disneyland Paris

  • Tokyo Disney Resort and Tokyo Disney Sea

  • Shanghai Disney Resort*

  • Hong Kong Disneyland*

* Assisting with these Disney locations will require a planning fee to be determined after a vacation assessment. While I will not be able to actually book your reservation for these locations, I can assist with various aspects of planning.

Need a break from Disney? I also help with booking trips to Universal Studios Orlando!!


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Have a magical day!