Suavs Shoes is a company that wants you to do more with your shoes. No matter where you go, your Suavs will keep you moving and comfortable. Suavs are the right shoe because they are created in a sustainable fashion, with your ultimate comfort in mind. A bonus? All the extra shoes are donated to those in need. Use code “OHDARLING15” for $15 off!


Creations for a Cause is not just another company aiming to sell goods and gain monetary value. This company describes themselves as “a movement that is greater than all of us.” Creations for a Cause works to empower the world to make a difference. With every purchase, amazing and supportive social impacts are made. Use code “AshleyW15” for 15% off!


Pela is an earth loving company that strives to, one day, create a waste free future. As the people of Pela say, “Put simply, we believe in better.” What exactly does Pela do? They create eco-friendly phone cases, that are truly sustainable. Fun fact: they are 100% compostable! So, choose the green option, and purchase your next phone case from Pela!